300+ teams already run on fabriq

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Capture and centralize all your operational data

Field audits, problems, action plans and indicators are centralized in a single tool to build an enriched and collaborative field knowledge base.

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Capture shop floor data
Shop floor collaboration

Connect your teams and speed up the information flow

Action plans are completed on time and teams
save 50% of their time in daily routines.

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Continuous improvement

Make operational excellence a priority for your entire organization

Embark on the whole factory thanks to dynamic visual management and standardised methods (SIM, QRQC, Gemba, etc.). Leverage ownership & accountability of production teams.

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Continuous Improvement
Shop floor performance analytics

Improve your industrial performance through data analysis

With our analytical tools, you can easily identify the most recurring problems, detect performance gaps as early as possible and make better decisions on a daily basis.

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Fast, tangible results

Time-saving gains

Your operational issues 
solved 2x quicker

Cost reduction

Improve operational efficiency by 3 to 5%.

Fast ROI

12 weeks average Time to Value


More than 5,000 daily users

"fabriq allows us to focus on the real issues and has had a great impact on our shop's performance."
Responsible Continuous Improvement
"fabriq has allowed our employees to save time on solving issues, while bringing rigor and efficiency to our workshop's processes"
Photo by Yann Thomas, CEO of Maroquinerie Auguste Thomas
"fabriq increased employee involvement in problem solving, generating 3% productivity in the first year."
Photo Site Manager, Charles
Site Director
"fabriq is allowing us to have detailed indicators to measure our resolution times and recurring problems. This allows us to pursue strong ambitions for Operational Excellence."
Photo Zaihab, Continuous Improvement Manager
Continuous improvement manager
"Digitization with fabriq has not only revitalized meetings, increased responsiveness in problem solving, but also provided access to previously manual data and increased the appeal for new generations."
Photo d'Année-Delphine Beaulieu, Lisi Aerospace
VP Digital Transformation
"Before fabriq, we used to call or e-mail each others and didn't have cleared deadlines associated with action plans. It was a heavy process, and it was a waste of time."
Photo Cédric, Production Manager
Production Manager
Digital transformation in factories

A frictionless digital transition
for production teams

We are supporting you in fabriq deployment on your production sites to guarantee fast team adoption and results at all workshop levels.

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